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The Power Of Book Covers

Thanks so much for having me here today. It is with a great deal of pleasure that I am gallavanting about the internet with the Bulletproof book tour, all because of the tremendous talents of the staff at Orangeberry Book Tours!

Early in my writing career I was taught that the first sentence of your story makes a promise to the reader and the rest of the book needs to fulfill that promise. The same is true for book covers in that they need to let the reader know what grand adventure, mystery, or romance (or all of the above) is waiting for them behind that breathtaking cover.

With so many books coming available to readers every day, the book cover is the first impression. It has to capture attention, reflect author branding, and accurately convey the mood of the story. In short, it has to rock.

The Bulletproof and Unknown Identities series came about as a collaborative brainstorm with my mentor Debra Webb, author of the acclaimed Faces of Evil series. Talk about book covers that accomplish the goals. Her covers convey the danger and suspense waiting inside, the film strip and colorful backgrounds have become synonymous with the Faces of Evil series and the fonts and titles reinforce her overall author branding.

So when it came time for making decisions about the Bulletproof cover art, I was a step ahead of the game with a romantic suspense marketing guru like Deb in my corner.

The Unknown Identities series focuses on the mysterious heroes who come from dark and dangerous pasts to tackle current missions that could set them free, if they don’t die first. A market study of my target audience and looking at comparable titles in the genre, and we made the final choices for overall look for Bulletproof, Double Vision, and the upcoming titles.

Cover art, like anything is subjective, but only to a point. Market trends within genres have an impact on what a reader expects to see when they are shopping for books. The cover art is the first impression and it needs to meet those current expectations.

While I wouldn’t recommend changing up a cover willy-nilly, it’s necessary to learn what readers will respond to. Keeping tabs on how comparative titles are presenting themselves can be essential to knowing when it’s time to try something new.

I remember Sherrilyn Kenyon’s first Dark Hunter novel, Fantasy Lover. The cover featured a stunningly hot painting of a Greek god. But on the following reprints the publisher changed up the cover art to coordinate with the subsequent covers in the series. I loved that original cover (and I’m glad I still have my autographed copy) but it was a smart move as it let readers know the books were connected.

Book covers are a little like the fashion industry as the trends come and go and leaders in each genre set the pace. These days changes crop up even faster with myriad new options available to readers on any given day. I’m grateful for the experts and the tools that guide me and help me respond quickly and positively to reader expectations.

Do you have a favorite ‘cover style’ from the past or present?

Live the adventure!



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