London Casey – Why Choosing Your Setting is Important @london_casey

Why Choosing Your Setting is Important

by: London Casey

It would be very hard to convince a reader that the main character is a surfer who practices every morning at the ocean if the setting is in Colorado. The setting sets the story. For the DownCrash series, I chose to develop a college town and went basic with a garage for their practice space. They aren’t rockstars yet, so they probably would not be in a studio messing around. The idea of a smelly, grungy garage being the place where dreams come true is metaphoric for hopeful futures healing broken pasts.

The setting should reflect the mood of the book too. If you’re ready something that had some dark undertones to it, then it should be in a setting that touches on that. Just put yourself in everyday life for a second. When it’s raining, we often feel a little down. A little tired. We reflect on life a little more. We stand at the window and watch the rain gently fall down the window. When it’s summer and it’s beautiful out, we get outside and we get absorbed by the sun. We’re in a better mood. We’re happier. We’re thinking bigger. This is all part of our own setting. That’s why as a writer, we need to create our own personal setting. Meaning where we write. Some write in the dark. Some write in silence. Some write with music. This is all setting.

But, in the books, the setting is the background. For The Boys of DownCrash, like I said, I chose the garage band setting in the small college town because it worked. Everything about the setting screamed potential and that’s what the characters and the stories really offered. They offered potential… potential to deal with broken pasts. The potential for romance. For life. For fun. And even for the parts where things took place out of the garage, they all had meaning. The intense shows with DownCrash, showing how popular they were. In the first book in the series (The Stronger, Safer Kind) Tripp takes Scarlett to a secret place on the edge of a lake. It’s dark and it’s romantic. Of course, things get steamy there, but that’s the setting where they really begin to fall for each other. The setting creates the mood for the book – or for a scene. When I’m writing and indulging in my new adult romance love, I always make sure the setting plays into everything happening.

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