Christmas for Juliet by Elyse Douglas @douglaselyse

Later that night, propped up on her couch, Juliet sipped a glass of white wine while scrolling through her emails and texts.  Most were from her colleagues, offering support and threatening to quit, too.  She’d given everyone courage to speak out.  Clients were dissatisfied with the company because Max was constantly alienating them and then expecting his project managers to smooth things out.  Everybody was unhappy.  Co-workers were suggesting they form their own company.  Carla apologized for spending so much time with her, thinking she had caused her to get fired.  Juliet felt exhausted and blunted. 

After she’d booked a flight to Columbus for early Tuesday morning, she closed her laptop, dropped her phone on the floor and shut her burning eyes.  Moments later, she fell into a light sleep.  She began to dream. 

She was standing alone in a forest under a gentle snowfall.  The ground was blanketed by fresh, glistening snow.  It was twilight.  She was cold and confused.  Off in the distance, she heard the cry of an animal.  A low, moaning sound.  It scared her.  She wanted to run but she couldn’t move.  Her feet were frozen to the ground.  Suddenly, through the scrim of falling snow, she saw an approaching figure.  Juliet squinted into the cold, blue night.  In dazed astonishment, she recognized the figure as the same woman she’d seen at the funeral, standing in the back of the church!  Dressed in an electric red dress, she seemed to glide forward, her bare feet gently skimming the ground. 


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Genre – Romance

Rating – PG

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