Zen and Sex (a Romantic Comedy) by Dermot Davis @dermotdavis1


Maybe I’m not understanding the whole Zen thing and should maybe give it a try. Being on the same page with someone you’re in a relationship with sounds good to me. I don’t think I’ve ever been on the same page with anyone I’ve ever dated, except maybe when we’re lying in bed after sex, we’re each a bit starry eyed and we both get the munchies together. But I don’t think that’s the kind of same page that she’s talking about.

“We’re all walking wounded, right?” Frances continues.

“Right,” I answer quickly, not really sure what she means.

“When we open our hearts to someone, all our baggage comes to the surface. If the other person doesn’t freak out with their own baggage also coming up, then they could really help that person to heal. As long as we don’t get all reactive when one person is going through something, then each person would be there for the other. I wish we were taught all this in school.”

“That and the Kama Sutra,” I joke.

“You’ve read the Kama Sutra?”

“No. I know what it is but I haven’t read it, cover to cover, no.”

“Do you know what it is?”

“It’s a sex manual…an old book all about sex positions. Right?”

“It’s an ancient Hindu text, maybe Sanskrit, which describes human love in very poetic terms. It does include sexual positions but it’s not really what one would call a manual or a how-to guide.”

“That saves me a trip to Wikipedia,” I instinctively joke but thank heavens, she lets it slide.

“We should go through it together. It’s pretty awesome.”

“I would like that.”

“How’s the cow?” Frances asks as I cut into my steak.

“Quit while you’re ahead, Frances. A lecture on vegetarianism and I’m dating cheerleaders.”


Zen & Sex

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Genre – Romance

Rating – PG13

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