An Astrologer’s Journey by Kelly Lowe

“Since then, the closer I have looked, the more astrology has made sense— not just in
general, but in almost every instance it has tested positive …” unsure about everything. I didn’t want lofty wisdom about the supernatural, eternity, or the spiritual realm. Later on in life I would ask such questions of myself, but at this point I wanted something concrete, and astrology offered concrete explanations.

As a result of this class and my own studies I was eager to seek a professional interpretation of my astrology chart. I inquired about making an appointment for an astrological consultation with my teacher at the college, but she was not seeing new clients at that time. However, she did refer me to a woman who lived in Hollywood, Florida. When I called Brenda to make my first astrology consultation appointment, she asked for my date, time and place of birth.

The hour-and-a-half drive from Stuart to Hollywood was filled with anticipation and excitement. What was this stranger going to tell me? Would she be able to help me sort out the dilemmas that I was experiencing in my life? Was she going to recognize that my life was in turmoil? Was she going to see that I was in my season of discontent? Would she see that I wanted to sell everything I owned and take off to sail around the world on my sailboat? That, although I had relocated and made a career change, I was still like a ship without an anchor? I was adrift. I felt that something was about to happen or that a change was coming in my life but I didn’t know what, or when it was going to happen.

I was going to see Brenda with so many questions in my mind. I was seeking direction and answers. I wanted to better understand myself and why I was feeling the restlessness that troubled me so. But I was also feeling hopeful. Because the usual answers from the mainstream had failed to give me peace, and because I had already started studying astrology at the college, I went to see Brenda without a bit of skepticism. I was ready to listen, learn, and apply her insightful information. I was eager to learn.

Since then, the closer I have looked, the more astrology has made sense—not just in general, but in almost every instance it has tested positive when I compared what it indicated might happen and what actually did happen in my life and the lives of my friends, family and clients. Since that day in Brenda’s office, I have understood and appreciated myself much more. Of course, I’ve faced life’s usual problems, but I never again felt I had nowhere to turn for answers or explanations.

I still remember as if it were yesterday the moment that I walked into her office. Although I had given her only my birth information—date, time and place—over the phone when I made the appointment, it appeared that she already knew me very well.

Prior to my arrival she had calculated my astrological chart by placing all of the planets in the respective signs and degrees where they had been positioned at the time and place of my birth. She then placed the planets in the respective houses. Of course I didn’t realize exactly what all of this meant at the time since I had not yet learned all the nuances of this new language.


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Genre – Memoir / Astrology

Rating –PG13

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