Walking Woman by Harriet W Hodgson MA

While you’re surfing the Internet, be wary of pop-up ads and wild claims. Things that sound too good to be true are probably false. Also be wary of magic pills that promise rapid weight loss. The best way to attain and maintain a healthy weight is to eat sensibly and get regular physical activity. Check with your doctor before you start a walking program.

Learn more about the risks of heart disease. Go to www.womenheart.org, click on resources, and download a helpful brochure, “Get Smart About Your Heart.” As the brochure notes, “By adopting heart healthy habits you can lower your risk of heart disease significantly.” Make walking one of your habits and your family’s habits, something that happens each and every day.

Across the country, in large cities and small towns, women are walking. They have discovered that walking with other women is empowering. Some groups are large, some are small, and some are just two friends walking together. Though the size of the group doesn’t matter, daily physical activity does, and it matters a lot.

Personally, I think staying in touch with other women who are living with heart disease or at risk for it, matters as well. Woman to woman, experience to experience, we can help each other. At this age and stage of life I’m able to look at my journey through a long-distance lens and it has taught me a stunning truth: Walking helps me discover new things about myself. You will make these discoveries too.


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Genre – Health / Wellness

Rating – G

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